2017-1st semester【Teaching Evaluation System】Announcement

  • 2017-12-13
I. 「Teaching Evaluation System」opening hours:
December 25 ,2017(10:00 am) ~ January 08 ,2018(5:00 pm),Please answer the survey online before the deadline 。

II. 2018 spring semester pre-course registration will be available from Jan.3 to Jan.8 2018,To reach our executive goal from the「Teaching Excellence」plan,please finish the evaluation for all subjects before your course registration.

III. How to log into「Teaching Evaluation System」:
Homepage→Administration→Link to Administrative Offices→Office of Academic Affairs→Course Selections and Student Information System→Student Information System→Satisfaction System→Teaching Evaluations→Evaluation Form

※Please call without hesitation if you have any questions (ext 3114、3131、3110、3120、3111)
Academic Affairs 2017 Dec. 13