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Registration & Curriculum Section


  1. In charge of whole registration service.
  2. Managing and maintaining the students'  database.
  3. Dealing with the application for suspension, reinstatement, dropping out and dismissal.
  4. Managing the application and cancellation for minor, double major and department transfer.
  5. Adjusting or extending the academic rankings of the students each semester.
  6. Reporting various statistics related to students'  quantity records to the Ministry of Education.
  7. Issuing and reissuing student ID cards, academic transcripts, certificates and diplomas.
  8. Verifying and confirming students'  academic records for graduation qualifications.
  9. Coordinating, compiling and issuing students'  matriculation handbook.
  10. Formulating and amending regulations and ordinances pertaining to registration.
  11. Handling other assigned affairs.


  1. General course and summer course coordination and arrangement.
  2. Managing various course elections procedure.
  3. Coordinating and distributing the use of classrooms and labs.
  4. Calculating and recording all teachers' instruction load and hours.
  5. Arranging teachers'  instruction evaluation.
  6. Convening Curricular Committee and meetings related to teaching matters.
  7. Mid-term exam and final exam notice.
  8. Handling the freshmen' s basic subjects exam.
  9. Managing the applications of master and doctor degree qualification exams.
  10. Managing the execution effect of teaching assistants.
  11. Dealing with faculty takes leave and make up classes.
  12. Formulating and amending regulations and ordinances pertaining to registration.
  13. Handling other assigned affairs.