2019-1st Semester Course Pre-Selection

  • 2019-06-06
  • 黃種恩
How to log into course selection website:
Asia University homepage →click on「Course Selection inquiry」→ enter Student ID and password;Or use this URL to directly enter the course selection system: (The password is the same as the password for Student Information System. Please change your password routinely to prevent ID theft. For forgotten password, go to Student Information System and click the「Forgotten password」on the upper side of the page, or call Information Office at Ext. 3511 for assistance.)

Important rules for pre-selection:
(1) During the pre-selection period, cross-program course selection is not allowed. Contact your department for specific rules of cross-program course selection.
(2) Up to 3 courses in all 4 liberal arts disciplines may be selected, but the system will randomly determine up to 2 courses.
(3) Up to 2 courses per person (randomly reduced to 1 by the system) in Physical Education (PE) 3 for F/T undergraduate are allowed in pre-selection. Selection of PE beyond one’s respective year is strictly prohibited.
(4) Ow to operate the course selection system:
*To add a「department-specific requirement / elective」course, please first search ‘Department’ column according to your ‘Department’ and ‘Year’ in the course selection system before you add a course. (Contact your department for specific rules of taking cross-department and/or year-specific core curriculum courses).

*To add a「general education course」, please select General Education button in the course selection system, and select desired discipline.

*To add a 「basic education course」, please select Basic Education button and the drop-down menu will display the respective semester’s basic education courses.

*To add a 「physical education course (3)」, please select Physical Education button in the course selection system, and the drop-down menu will display the respective semester’s physical education courses.
(5) The system will automatically add department-specific required courses into your course schedule; you are not required to select manually.
(6) During pre-selection period, you may check for the max limit and real time sign-up result for all courses in the Course Inquiry System. After the pre-selection period, the acceptance of a course with a number of students signing up for it exceeding its max limit will be determined randomly by the system. The acceptance result will be published officially at 2019/7/17 (Wed.) 10 a.m. at the Student Information System, under the title of 2019-1st Course Table.

Students not completing the「Teacher Evaluation System」 and 「Membership Suggestion Questionnaire」will be blocked for course pre-selection. Please complete them at 「Student Information System」→「Teacher/Homeroom Satisfaction Questionnaire」 before going to the course pre-selection system.

Students who fail to complete pre-selection must add/cancel course selection within the opening week of the semester, and the add/cancel period will be announced officially by the Office of Academic Affairs.

For further information, please visit the website of the Office of Academic Affairs (http://ac.asia.edu.tw). For curriculum issues, please contact Curriculum Section (Ext.3114, 3116, 3110, 3131, 3111, and 3120), specific department office, or General Education Center during office hours Mon. – Fri. (8:00 – 17:10). For system issues, please contact Information Office (Ext.3511).