2022 Fall Semester Add/Drop Courses and Over Credits Application S

  • 2022-09-12
  • 李維中
I. Only “online” course registration is accepted (except for over credits); students shall confirm the add and drop results during the “course registration period” by logging onto the “student information system”; the
results in the computer system prevail.
II. The online course registration system is subject to traffic load. Please try again if the add/drop page cannot be logged in. Please contact Registration and Curriculum section (extension 3116, 3110, 3111, 3120,
3131,3122,3124,6279,6288) or Information Office (extension 3511) if unable to log in.
III. For delay graduation application, please apply online for the delay graduation and course registration within the regulated time stated above.
IV. The single log in time of the course registration system is 10 minutes. System will be automatically logged out if idle for 3 minutes. One account can only be logged by one computer at the same time. To avoid network
traffic, please confirm the course information on the “search for courses” system